Ternaris specializes in a variety of IT-related services, ranging from IT consultancy to the creation of bespoke software systems.

Our basic principle is clear: Every technical challenge is unique. So should be the solutions.

At the dynamic hub of every solution there is a human using our product. We always bear that in mind. Thereby we bring technical expertise to complex problems, supporting your operation along the way.



Ternaris provides creative and reliable solutions for various areas of application like health care, scientific research, automotive, and agriculture.

In the age of Big Data, businesses can save valuable time at the intersection of man and machine. This is where Ternaris excells. Our products and services are designed for efficiency and longevity, tailored to your operations.

We like our solutions to be clear and reliable, no matter if we are gathering data with sensors, creating optimal data processing algorithms, or building intuitive user interfaces.

“Ternaris work like real problem solvers — come on board, analyse requirements, retreat, come back to clarify some more and deliver a best in class, robust, tested and highly shiny product. These guys are difference makers for your business.”

Dejan Pangercic, Apex.AI

Usability engineering

Human Factors and Ergonomics

We believe that technological systems should adapt to the capabilities of humans — not the other way around. That is why we base our work on the priciples of human factors and ergonomics.

Despite automation in data processing: To optimize the overall performance of complex work systems, the interdependencies of humans, technology, and organization have to be understood. Therefore we follow an iterative, practise-driven approach.

High Standards

Our specialized solutions have been used in a wide range of applications and in many complex surroundings. This manifold experience is an asset; moreover our work profits from our quality standards. High quality of code and well-proven methods guarantee longevity and long-term maintainability. We like our technology to be sustainable and as future-proof as possible.
We are always open to new technologies and devote time to the extension of our expertise. Our drive to stay creative and curious enables us to find the easiest and most robust solutions for our customers. We can also rely on an international network of experts to provide insight and valuable perspective on new challenges.
Short development cycles

Short development cycles

During development we use operational prototypes to ensure a seamless transition from your ideas into your custom-tailored applications. Ternaris believes in adaptive development: We constantly take your practical experience from interacting with the prototypes into account. Together we iteratively refine your product until it perfectly fits your day-to-day work.

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